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Whether it's a book, a script, articles, short stories, or your memoirs, it doesn't have to be difficult. Your Writing Coach can help. It's a book, a website, and me. Here's how:

My goal is to help you write what only you can write, from idea through to publication and beyond, with tips, advice, and guidance. At the end of each chapter of the Your Writing Coach book you'll find a code word that will unlock a treasure trove of exclusive material: video and audio interviews, tips and techniques, and much more, all accessible via the bonus pages. If you haven't ordered the book yet, you can do so right now on our sales page. And there's more:

I also share insider methods with you on the other parts of this site and via a free monthly e-bulletin. You will also receive a free six-part report on how to protect your material, so sign up now. I look forward to helping you achieve your writing dream-if you have questions, write to me at Let's work together for your success!

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