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For your convenience, we’ve changed the bonus system so you no longer need to enter the code words–just click on the bonuses you want to access. However, do sign up using the form at the right to get my free Brainstorm creativity E-bulletin and occasional additional bonuses.

Chapter 1: Video interview with writer Lucy Jago, regarding overcoming her fear of writing a full-length book

Chapter 2: Video interview with horror writer Chris Wicking

Chapter 3: Video interview with financial thriller writer Michael Ridpath

Chapter 4: Video interview with master improviser Roddy Maude-Roxby

Chapter 5: Coaching session text and audio

Chapter 6: Interview with actor Michael Brandon

Chapter 7: Video interview with Robert Cochran, co-creator of the series “24”

Chapter 8: Video interview with NLP coach Alice Mallorie

Chapter 9: Video interview with journalist and free-lance writer Rupert Widdicombe

Chapter 10: A look at writing spaces

Chapter 11: Video interview with psychology expert Philip Harland

Chapter 12: Audio visualization

Chapter 13: Video interview with time management expert Mark Forster

Chapter 14: Video interview with NLP life coach Alice Mallorie

Chapter 15: Video interview with top agent Julian Friedmann

Chapter 16: It’s War!

Chapter 17: Jurgen Wolff’s New Media Bulls-Eye Report

Chapter 18: Interview with Jurgen Wolff

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